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History and Thought

HTH180 — Christian Mind (3)

Compares the Christian world view with others including Naturalism and Pantheism. Equips the student with a framework for thinking Christianly about the areas of psychology, sociology, the natural sciences, and philosophy. Especially relevant for those anticipating university studies.

HTH272 — Introduction to World Civilizations (3)

This course explores a variety of civilizations until approximately 1400 AD, with the goal of better understanding how and why civilizations have developed as they have, which will give a better understanding of our own.

HTH274 — Leadership Principles (3)

An exploration of the biblical principles of leadership, and their application to our North American lifestyle. Significant time is spent discussing the character of Christian leadership and its effect on leadership style and roles.

Prerequisite: LDR100 & LDR101

Prerequisites are waived for mature students.

HTH276 — World Religions (3)

This course is designed to introduce the world’s major religious traditions. These traditions are classified into four major typologies or ‘trees’. These are: South East Asian, Indian, Tribal, and Abrahamic. Within these typologies the course will cover: Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism (Chinese); Shinto, Zen and Pure Land Buddhism, Shamanism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism; Jainism. Australian Aboriginal, and North American tradition, Judaism, Christianity and Islam: Utilizing a lecture based format, both historical and phenomenological perspectives will be considered. Textbook material will be augmented with additional historical data and wherever possible, a pertinent videos will be shown. Employing this methodology, the course will examine the basic belief systems, the sacred stories and teachings of specific religious founders, and the history, development and great importance of these religions in the world today. Student participation is encouraged through the use of on-line discussions with the instructor, thus providing a personal, one on one level of communication and understanding.

HTH283 — Principles of Philosophy (3)

This course is designed as an introduction to philosophy. One focus is to gain an historical perspective on the issues of philosophy by reading together a history of the main figures and themes of Western philosophy. A second focus is to gain first-hand experience in reading philosophy by directly reading excerpts from works by a number of the most important figures in Western philosophy.

Prerequisite: HTH180.

HTH287 — The History of Christianity I (3)

A survey of the history of Christianity from its birth in the first century until the dawn of the Protestant Reformation. Attention is given to the primary theological, political, and social aspects of the church's history, with special emphasis upon the key individuals and theological movements of this period.

HTH288 — The History of Christianity II (3)

A survey of the development of the ideological, cultural, geographical, and political factors which shaped western Christianity from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries. Special attention is given to the Protestant and Radical Reformations as well as successive evangelical Protestant movements during the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries.

HTH290 — Christianity in the 21st Century (3)

A study of major issues facing the church as it enters the new century with emphasis upon the key problems that both Protestant and Roman Catholic churches are wrestling with and trends that are likely to develop. The study will consider the Sermon on the Mount from the teaching of Jesus to determine how Christians ought to deal with these issues.

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