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Prior Learning & Recognition (PLAR)

At Rocky Mountain College, you can receive credit for previous learning through PLAR.  PLAR allows a student to receive academic credit for past, extensive, learning experiences.  Once a student has successfully been accepted into a program then they will have a consultation with an academic advisor.  During the consultation the academic advisor determines what credits can be completed through the PLAR process.   In addition the academic advisor will supply the student with the PLAR application to be completed and returned to the Vice President, Academic.  A portfolio of learning experiences is to be attached to the application and once the required/satisfactory information has been submitted then these credits are applied to the student transcript as PLAR transfer credits.

We want to share with you our excitement for a new way of learning at Rocky Mountain College.

Pathways is our new “distributed learning” model. It is taking our classroom courses out of the box, and down the road to where you are.

With our focus on discipleship, leadership and social care, Pathways now enables students, professionals, and life-long learners, to take advantage of our programs and courses no matter where they are.

Courses are available to Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime. Often times God speaks to us and we yearn for a richer life. But obstacles appear.

Pathways is about removing obstacles and allowing access to quality learning experiences. We foster changed lives both locally and globally.

It is our hope that we can show you a new pathway to learning, ministry and a richer, more meaningful life. Thank you for exploring RMC’s Pathways program.

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