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Welcome to Rocky

We develop Chirstian Leaders.

I work full time: online courses fit into my schedule, and I’ve heard great things about the school from my friends.

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I could engage with other students and with the prof, but in a way that allowed me to remain in the communities I was already embedded in.

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High School Graduates

To enroll in any Pathways programs most students will need:

  1. A valid High School diploma from any government-recognized North American high school, or from any private school accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), or high school equivalency (GED). High School transcripts must present:
    • Four 30-1 level courses (or equivalents) with a minimum grade average of 65%.
    • Two of the 30-1 level courses must be English 30-1 and Social 30-1 or equivalent.
  2. Two personal references.
  3. A written statement of your spiritual history.

These items, along with the Application Fee, must be provided in order to complete your application for admission. Contact the Enrolment Office for more details.

The College recognizes that individual understanding of a personal faith commitment varies. The Admissions Committee may admit students who are unsure or unclear of their relationship with Jesus Christ, provided they indicate a potential to profit from the RMC experience and are willing to abide in accordance with the College's policies on student life.

Academic Probation

A student may be admitted on academic probation and may be limited in the courses they are allowed to take if the student’s high school transcript presents:
  • Four 30-level courses (or equivalents) with a grade average of less than 65%
  • English 30/ELA30-1 (or equivalent) with a grade of less than 65%

No High School Diploma

Occasionally, students without high school equivalency may be admitted under special conditions. Contact RMC for more information.

Transferring Students

Students in good standing from accredited post-secondary institutions who meet all other aspects of the general admission requirements can expect admission to RMC.

Official post-secondary transcripts will be evaluated for potential transfer credit on a course-by-course basis according to the student’s program requirements.

A minimum of 45 credits or one-half the program must be completed at RMC. For more details, click on the link below: